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24 September 2021  

Document Services for Graduates

Important notification

Given the risk to public health caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the following measures are in place in relation to application and collection of certificates or parchments:

  1. NUI will not process application forms or payments (by cash or by credit-card)
    at the Reception desk in 49, Merrion Square.

  2. Application forms should be download from this page and emailed to NUI (certs@nui.ie).
    A hard-copy of the form can be requested by contacting NUI directly on 01 4392424.

  3. NUI will send out all completed Certificates/Parchments to applicants by post.
    Collections in person from 49 Merrion Square will be accommodated only where this is urgently required.

Download Application form for duplicate NUI documentation

pdf Irish Version : English Version

Please download the pdf to your computer (right click and save) and complete the form using Adobe Reader as not all internet browsers support on screen completion of pdf documents

(To be used for ordering any of the required documents below)

Section 47(v) of the Universities Act, 1997 provides that: The degrees and other qualifications awarded by a Constituent University shall be degrees and qualifications of the National University of Ireland and shall be so designated.

In addition to providing all original testimonia and certificates for NUI institutions, NUI also provides document services for graduates as outlined below. A graduate requiring any of these services should download, complete and return to NUI the appropriate application form above.

Document Services

1. Duplicate NUI Documents Degrees and or Diplomas (Issued in English A4 Sized Document)
NUI Degrees and Diplomas are conferred in Latin. Duplicate copies of documents certifying such qualifications in this instance are issued in English.

2. Duplicate Testimonia (Degrees and or Diplomas conferred by NUI, issued in Latin A3 Sized Document)
Documents in this instance are duplicate copies of the original document issued at the time of conferring. In the case of degrees or diplomas conferred before 1993, documents are the same in style to current documents in use certifiying the degree or diploma obtained. Documents are issued in the latin language as would have been the case at the time of conferring.

3. Duplicate Certificate
This applies to awarded certificates, such as a Health and Safety Certificates, and not certificates issued certifying other awards.

4. Authentication of copies of NUI Documents.
Any documents issued by National Univeristy of Ireland (i.e. any of the above).

Changing a degree parchment

For graduates wishing to change the name and/or gender on their degree parchment or Certificate and have it reissued, they must submit an update of personal details form for consideration by the NUI Registrar. Each request must be accompanied by official supporting documentation (noted in the previous section).

Applications are submitted to the Registrar in the last week of every month. In circumstances where an application is time-sensitive, a graduate should bring this to the attention of the NUI Records team when making the application.

Once the request has been approved, applicants must return their original parchments to NUI before the new parchment can be issued. The fee for this service is €50 per parchment reissue.

Graduate records will not be amended or new documentation will not be issued until all steps in the approval process have been completed.
NUI subsequently informs the graduate’s institution of study of the amendment(s) and request that they update the graduate’s record accordingly.

To protect graduates' personal data, NUI securely destroys copies of supporting documentation within one month of making a formal change to the NUI graduate records system.

Update personal details

Updating student records only

For graduates wishing to update their NUI student records, they must submit a change of personal details form accompanied by official supporting documentation.

Download Application form for updating personal details

pdfEnglish Application Form
pdfIrish Application Form to follow

Please download the pdf to your computer (right click and save) and complete the form using Adobe Reader as not all internet browsers support on screen completion of pdf documents

Accepted Documentation

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Deed Poll
  • Gender Recognition Certificate
  • National Identity Card (Country Dependent)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Any other form of documentation deemed necessary to process the request

All future correspondence and/or if registered, Seanad Election documentation will be issued in the preferred name.

Graduates can also have English versions of their original Latin parchments issued under the preferred name.

The fee for an English version of the graduate qualification is €50.

Please note that the original Latin version of the degree parchment will remain under the same name as was issued on the day of conferring unless a specific request is made to update and re-issue the Latin parchment.

NUI will inform the Graduates institution of study of the amendments and request that they update the graduates record accordingly.

There is no charge for updating your student record only.

Matriculation Examination Documentation

Duplicate Matriculation Examination Result

The Matriculation examination was suspended in 1993. Candidates who sat the examination and require documents stating their results should download the form below.

Download Application form for Matriculation Examination Results

pdfMatriculation Result Application Form

Please download the pdf to your computer (right click and save) and complete the form using Adobe Reader as not all internet browsers support on screen completion of pdf documents