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23 July 2024  

Conferring of NUI degrees in Bahrain and Malaysia - June/July 2018


Conferring of NUI degrees in Bahrain and Malaysia - June/July 2018

NUI Chancellor, Dr Maurice Manning and Registrar, Dr Attracta Halpin recently travelled to Bahrain and Malaysia for the 2018 conferring of NUI degrees on students graduating from the RCSI Medical University of Bahrain and the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus in Penang. Over 330 students were conferred at the ceremonies, qualifying for bachelors and in a small number of cases, masters degrees. Among them were over 130 graduates of the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus this year, the highest number to be conferred there to date. Previously known as Penang Medical College, the institution recently received enhanced recognition from the Malaysian government through the granting of Foreign University Branch Campus status earlier this year. Only ten institutions have been granted this status in Malaysia.

On 27 June 2018, 200 students were conferred with bachelors degrees in medicine and nursing at RCSI Medical University of Bahrain. Speaking at the ceremony, NUI Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning noted “how well this impressive campus is continuing to develop.” He went on to say that he looks forward “to its further development and to the expansion of the educational opportunities it provides in future years. The higher education partnership represented here in RCSI-Bahrain is an excellent example of enlightened and mutually beneficial collaboration between small countries.”

Speaking later at the conferring ceremony in the RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus on 1 July 2018, Dr Manning congratulated the 130 students conferred with bachelor’s degrees in medicine. He commented that they were a highly privileged group who ‘had undergone a particularly enriching formation’ having received their medical education on two continents. He paid special tribute to the “small select group who have qualified for Master of Science degrees in Health Research”, who, he said, have enhanced “professional competence, acquired advanced skills, refreshed and expanded your knowledge, and reflected critically on your practice” through postgraduate study.  He went on to congratulate staff member Dr Finian O’Brien on his PhD and Dr Esther Hor Shan Lee who was recently awarded an NUI Dr H H Stewart award in Pharmacology. The Dr H H Stewart competition runs across all the seven medical schools of the National University of Ireland and over 70 awards in medical and nursing subjects are granted to undergraduate students each year.

At each of the ceremonies, the Chancellor, on behalf of the National University of Ireland, congratulated all the new graduates wishing them well in their future careers. He also commended the Presidents and staff of RCSI, Bahrain and RCSI and UCD Malaysia Campus, together with their colleagues in Dublin, on their continuing achievements in medical and nursing education.

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