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28 May 2024

Launch of 2018 – 2022 National University of Ireland Strategic Plan

Launch of 2018 – 2022
National University of Ireland
Strategic Plan

On Thursday 8 November 2018, the National University of Ireland launched its new 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan at a meeting of the University Senate in the NUI building on Merrion Square.

The NUI is a federal university that comprises four autonomous universities: UCC, UCD, NUI Galway and Maynooth University (as well as their associated colleges), as well as two recognised colleges, RCSI and the Institute of Public Administration (IPA). All graduates from these higher education institutions are awarded degrees and other qualifications of the National University of Ireland.

NUI has five strategic goals to pursue as part of its new five-year plan:

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  1. To add demonstrable value to NUI's constituent universities, recognised colleges and associated institutions;
    1. Major objectives:
    2. Continue to meet the needs of member institutions for shared services.
    3. Ensure responsiveness to changing members’ needs, through dialogue and feedback.
    4. Develop an NUI communications strategy and policies for enhanced engagement with members, associated institutions and other stakeholders.
    5. Promote scholars, scholarship and links with NUI’s global community of award winners.
    6. Develop a forum for member institutions to share learning on academic and related issues.
    7. Enhance meeting and conference facilities at 49 Merrion Square and increase usage.
  2. To support Irish higher education and advocate for its advancement at home and abroad;
    1. Major objectives:
    2. Increase Irish scholarship in the field of higher education, to advance understanding of the history, contribution and evolving role of the Irish university in 21st century society.
    3. Collaborate with member institutions, other universities, the Department of Education & Skills, Higher Education Authority, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, Irish Universities Association and others to advocate for and advance the interests of Irish higher education.
    4. Further develop international recognition of NUI, the research and scholarship of its member institutions and the qualifications awarded across the federation.
  3. To develop and capitalise on the NUI brand nationally and internationally, for the benefit of members
    and the wider sector;
    1. Major objectives:
    2. Ensure recognition of the NUI brand in Ireland and internationally as a mark of the highest academic quality standards.
    3. Promote the NUI brand internationally by recognising and capitalising on the size and scale of the NUI graduate community.
  4. To make a meaningful contribution to Irish civic society;
    1. Major objectives:
    2. Fulfil NUI’s constitutional role to in relation to the electoral register and the election process for the NUI constituency of Seanad Éireann.
    3. Enhance NUI’s discursive role in relation to social, cultural, historical, and intellectual topics relevant to wider civic society.
    4. Maintain the NUI and Royal University (RUI) archives in line with international best practice.
  5. To enhance NUI's staff skills-base and its enabling support structures.
    1. Major objectives:
    2. Ensure that NUI has the necessary HR tools in place to support and enable staff and the organisation as a whole.
    3. Ensure that NUI complies with relevant HE governance requirements, and has resources and policies in place to support Risk and Business Continuity Planning and to fulfill FOI and Data Protection legislative requirements.
    4. Ensure that NUI’s financial, administrative and IT support systems can effectively enable strategic goals.

NUI’s central vision is to continue to be an integral part of the Irish higher education system, contributing to its development, being an advocate for its advancement and supporting its member institutions.

NUI Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning says that the strategy is at once ambitious for the contribution that we are encouraged to make to Irish and international higher education, yet is grounded in the essential role of the federal university as a provider of services to four autonomous universities and a number of recognised colleges.

In terms of ambition, Dr Manning points out  that NUI makes a particular commitment to further develop its discursive role during the lifetime of this strategy. We will seek to make this role more visible and in influential in support both of higher education and our wider civic society. He continued by emphasising that the central pillar of NUI remains the historic and enduring value and prestige of NUI academic qualifications, both nationally and internationally.

In his introduction to the Strategic Plan, Dr Manning attests to the value of an NUI qualification, In a world of increased educational opportunity, but with uncertainties in many areas about the quality of higher education provision, the NUI qualification is a mark of academic excellence that we will continue to nurture and safeguard.
NUI Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022 Download

Further information from:
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National University of Ireland
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