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28 May 2024  

NUI Chancellor pays tribute to Adrienne Cullen


Speaking of the late Adrienne Cullen who died of cervical cancer in the Netherlands on Monday, the NUI Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning said

"I learned of Adrienne’s death with deep sadness. It was my great privilege to have met her on 10 December last when I conferred her with an honorary degree in UCC. While everyone was acutely aware that time was running out for her, the occasion of her conferring was joyful and life-affirming. Adrienne spoke with strength, vitality, grace and good humour, without bitterness or rancour, but on behalf of all women who fall through the cracks of a healthcare system. She insisted on their right to be heard and to be compensated when the failure of the system has resulted in their lives being cruelly cut short. It is hard to believe that less than one month later her eloquent and passionate voice has been silenced. She is my lasting memory of 2018. I wish her husband Peter Cluskey, who was at her side throughout her ordeal, every consolation in his heartbreak".