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22 June 2024  

Six NUI researchers receive European Research Council Starting Grants



The National University of Ireland extends its heartfelt congratulations to the six researchers from its constituent universities who have been announced as recipients of European Research Council Starting Grants.

The ERC Starting Grants, valuing a total of €648 million, aim to promote innovative research in a wide range of fields. Of the seven grants awarded to Irish researchers, six were associated with NUI constituent universities.

  1. SYNergize: Understanding spore-forming gut bacteria to target pathogens
    University College Cork
  2. “META-CHIP: Development of a lung METAstasis-on-a-CHIP model for osteosarcoma as a biomimetic testing platform for drug discovery
    and therapeutic innovation”

    University College Dublin
  3. “OriCellDiff: Deciphering the origins of cell differentiation and developmental gene regulation in animals”
    University of Galway
  4. “COLVET: Ex-Soldiers of Empire: Colonial Veterancy in the Interwar World”
    University College Cork
  5. “Land Limits: Towards a connected history of population, environmental change, capital and conflict in Russian Eurasia, 1860s-1920s”
    University College Dublin
  6. “MechanoGAP: Personalised Mechanobiological Models to Predict Tumour Growth and Anti-Cancer Drug Penetration”
    University of Galway


NUI, as a federation of research-intensive universities, is immensely pleased that these dedicated researchers have been awarded ERC Starting Grants to support their innovative and impactful work. These grants not only underscore the excellence of our academic community but also serve as testament to the NUI federation’s commitment to advancing knowledge and shaping a brighter and more informed future for all.

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