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23 April 2024  

NUI Institutions Awarded research grants through the SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme


On 30th May 2023, Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris, TD, announced 62 grants through Science Foundation Ireland’s Frontiers for the Future programme. Of those grants, 40 were awarded to NUI-associated research bodies.

As a network of research-intensive universities, the NUI federation is supported by these awards to continue making substantial contributions to scientific advancement and technological breakthroughs. This funding also supports collaborative partnerships between research bodies, allowing institutions to learn from and alongside one another.

Some notable recipients from NUI institutions include:

  1. Dr Elizabeth Topp of the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, with Prof Steven Ferguson of University College Dublin received €1,247,356 to support ‘Stable chemically modified mRNA vaccines’.

  2. Prof John Ringwood of Maynooth University received €1,074,213 for ‘Economic wave energy through technical innovation (SeaChange)’.

  3. Prof Liam O’Mahony and Prof Paul O’Toole of University College Cork received €1,288,649 for ‘Identification of Immune-Microbial Interactions that Contribute to Metabolic Reprogramming following SARS-CoV-2 Infection’.

  4. Prof Niamh Nowlan of UCD received €1,250,854 for ‘Developmentally inspired approaches to cartilage defect healing’.

  5. Dr Ray Duffy of the Tyndall National Institute, with Dr Gerard O’Connor of University of Galway, received €1,274,748 for ‘Pulsed laser annealing of low temperature 2D semiconductors for large area applications in electronics using flexible substrates’.

  6. Prof Ruth Massey of UCC received €1,274,005 for ‘Attack and defence: defining key bacterial pathogenic strategies to identify targets for therapeutic intervention’.

  7. Prof Sheila McBreen of UCD received €1,198,739 for ‘Gamma-ray Investigation of the Full Transient Sky: A 6U CubeSat for the localisation of gamma-ray bursts in the multi-messenger era’.

  8. Prof Timothy O’Brien of University of Galway received €1,220,095 for ‘Hybrid advanced therapy medicinal products as next generation tissue engineered therapies for limb salvage in critical limb ischaemia’.

  9. Dr Darren Griffith of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland received €535,065 for ‘Development of Pt-based PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (Pt-PROTACs) as Molecular Probes for Pt-binding proteins and Next Generation Anticancer Agents’

  10. Dr Jamie O’Sullivan of RCSI received €614,342 for ‘Examining the role of von Willebrand Factor as a potential therapeutic target in triple negative breast cancer’.

These represent only a number of the incredible projects which have been supported by SFI’s Frontiers for the Future programme. With enhanced resources and opportunities, NUI’s research-intensive network of universities and colleges continues to drive innovation across various disciplines and make meaningful contributions to societal progress on a global scale.