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22 June 2024  


Section 47(5) of the Universities Act 1997 provides that 'the degrees and other qualifications awarded by the Constituent Universities are Degrees and qualifications of the National University of Ireland and shall be so designated'. Accordingly, NUI Degrees and other qualifications are awarded by the four NUI constituent universities to students who have completed courses of study and passed the relevant examinations of the Constituent Universities or who have completed programmes of research. NUI awards degrees and other qualifications in the Recognised Colleges.

Under the NUI Charter, degrees may also be granted:

  1. to persons who hold office in the University;
  2. to graduates of other universities whom the University may decide to admit to Degrees of similar rank in the University;
  3. to students who shall have carried on independent research
  4. to approved persons who shall be selected for Honorary Degrees.


NUI Degrees are awarded at Higher Doctorate, Doctorate, Master and Bachelor levels.

Higher Doctorate Degrees

  • DEconSc (Doctor of Economic Science)
  • DEng (Doctor of Engineering)
  • DLitt (Doctor of Literature)
  • DLittCelt (Doctor of Celtic Studies)
  • DMed (Doctor of Medicine)
  • DMus (Doctor of Music)
  • DSc (Doctor of Science)
  • LLD (Doctor of Laws)

Higher doctorate degrees are awarded on the basis of published work, or may be conferred as honorary degrees. Additional honorary degrees are Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Fine Arts.

At its meeting on 20 January 2011, the Senate adopted the regulations, criteria and guidelines for NUI Degrees on Published Work. These regulations were revised in May 2013 and are intended to achieve further streamlining of the process for examining these degrees in the interests of having results available to applicants within stated deadlines. Under the revised regulations, there are now two deadlines annually, 1 April and 1 October, for the submission of applications for degrees on published work. Candidates meeting these deadlines can expect to have the result of the prima facie stage evaluation by end-June or end-December, as appropriate and to have a final result within one year.

Regulations, Criteria, Guidlines & Application Procedures - Higher Doctorate Degrees Awarded on Published Work

Honorary Degrees

Under its Charter, the NUI may grant Honorary Degrees at its own discretion. The criteria and the arrangements for the awarding of honorary degrees by the NUI Senate are set out in a document entitled ‘Honorary Degrees of the National University of Ireland’ adopted by Senate in September 2007. This document is available from NUI.

Honorary Doctorate and Masters’ Degrees are also awarded by each of the Constituent Universities in accordance with their own procedures.


Criteria and Guiding Principles Governing The Award of NUI Honorary Degrees

Postgraduate Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Diplomas and Certificate

Postgraduate Diplomas Higher Diplomas, Diplomas and Certificates are awarded to students who complete the Courses of Study prescribed and pass the relevant examinations in the Constituent Universities and Recognised Colleges.

Detailed information as to the courses in the Constituent Universities and Recognised Colleges is obtainable from the required institution’s Admissions Office.