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28 May 2024  

The Annual Awards Ceremony at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham


On Wednesday 12th November, at an annual ceremony in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, the Chancellor, Dr Garret FitzGerald, presented awards to over a hundred students/graduates of the Constituent Universities and Recognised Colleges of the National University of Ireland.

NUI E J Phelan Postgraduate Fellowship in International Law

Mairead Enright BCL UCC

Travelling Studentships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Paul Brady Constitutional Theory and Philosophy of Law UCD
Cian Mattijs Bryan BA Hons Social and Political Theory NUIG
Daniel Deasy Liam BA Hons MA Philosophy UCC
Katy Dineen BA Hons MA Political Theory UCC
Julie Marie Finnerty BA French NUIM
Stephen Terence Edward Graham BA Hons BMus Hons Contemporary Music UCD
William Ian Magee BA Hons MA Archaeology UCC
Cornelia Annette Nell BA Hons Social Anthropology NUIM
Abaigéal Mhuire Warfield BA Hons History NUIM

Travelling Studentships in the Sciences

Paul Francis Browne BSc Hons Astronomy NUIG
Fiona Valerie Foley BSc Hons Geochemistry UCC
Eoin Ronan Hyde BSc Hons Life and Political Sciences UCC
Alice Lynch BSc Hons Physics UCD
Nicolas Niall Madigan MB BCh BAO Medical Neuroscience NUIG
Ross McKiernan BSc Hons Anatomy UCD
Thomas John Gerard Quirke BSc Hons Zoology UCC

The Dr Mary l Thornton Scholarship in Education

Michael Delargey UCC

The NUI Denis Phelan Scholarships and Prizes

Conor Patrick O’Brien BA Hons English, Scholarship UCC
Michael John Gallen BA Hons English, 2nd Prize NUIM
Brian Gerard Kearney BA Hons English, 3rd Prize NUIG
David Michael O’Regan BSc Hons Finance, Scholarship UCC
Caroline Carew BSc Hons Finance, 2nd Prize UCC
Maria Therese Doyle BA Hons Finance, 3rd prize NUIM
Aisling Martina Frizzell BSc Hons Life & Environmental Sciences, Scholarship NUIM
Stephen John Casey BSc Hons Physical Sciences, Scholarship UCC

The Mansion House Fund Scholarships and Prizes

Scoláireachtaí agus Duaiseanna Chiste Theach an Ardmhéara

Kenneth Stephen O’Donoghue BA Hons Gaeilge, Scoláireacht NUIG
Seán Pius Ó Cathasaigh BA Hons Gaeilge, Duais NUIM
Philip Robert Healy BA Hons Irish History, Scholarship UCC
Paul Raphael Rooney BA Hons Irish History, Prize NUIG

The NUI Art and Design Prizes

Damien Flood MFA Painting NCAD
Catherne Louise Pearson BA Hons Centennial Stamp Design NCAD
Phillipa Maria Corbett Kelly BDes Hons Centennial Stamp,First Day Cover Design NCAD

The Pierce Malone Scholarship

Eamonn Ross MacConville BA Hons Philosophy UCD

French Government Medals and NUI Prizes for Proficiency in French

Thérese Anne Kelly BComm Hons UCD
Ida Holdhus BA Hons UCC
Chloe Áine Diskin BA Hons NUIG
Catherine Conway BA Hons NUIM
Ciara Kennefick BCL Hons UCC (2007)

The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Literary Scholarships and Prizes

Siobhan Murphy English, Scholarship NUIM
Rachel Brennan English, 2nd prize NUIM
Eve Golden Woods English, 3rd prize UCD
Garry Sandison French, Scholarship UCC
Katie Sherlock French, 2nd prize UCD
Brighid Walsh French, 3rd prize UCC
Róisín  Harkin Gaeilge, Scoláireacht UCD
Eithne Ní Chonchubhair Gaeilge, 2ú duais UCD
Dónall Ó hÉalaí Gaeilge, 3ú duais NUIM
Linda Mitchell German, Scholarship NUIG
Siobhán Albrecht German  2nd prize NUIM
Franziska Goetze German, 3rd prize UCC
William Byrne Italian, Scholarship UCC
Caoilfhionn de Bhaldraithe Italian, 2nd prize NUIG
Conor Nolan Italian, 3rd prize NUIG
Nóirín B. Ní Bheaglaoi Latin, Scholarship UCC
Joseph Sheridan Latin, 2nd prize NUIM
James Cahill Latin  3rd prize UCD
Stephane F. Czarnecka Spanish, Scholarship NUIG
Renate  Stark Spanish, 2nd prize NUIM
Anne Brennan Spanish, 3rd prize UCD
Brighid Walsh Spanish, Commendation UCC

The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarships and Prizes

Larissa Higgins Anatomy, Scholarship NUIG
Don Brandon Stott Anatomy, 2nd prize UCC
Jamie Bawden Anatomy, 3rd prize NUIG
Sheila McSweeney Biochemistry, Scholarship UCC
Olivia Gonzalez Biochemistry, 2nd prize NUIG
Robert ffrench O’Carroll Biochemistry, 3rd prize UCD
Paul Ryan Dentistry, Scholarship UCC
Amanda McLaughlin Dentistry, 2nd prize UCC
Christine Carroll Diagnostic Imaging, Scholarship UCD
Alison Murphy Diagnostic Imaging, 2nd prize UCD
Emer McGrath General Practice, Scholarship NUIG
Ailbhe McDermott General Practice, 2nd prize NUIG
Gillian Fitzgerald General Practice, 3rd prize UCC
Ciara Anne O’Riordan MBBChBAO Hons Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Scholarship NUIG
Noelle O’Sullivan MBBChBAO Hons BMedSc Hons Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 2nd prize UCC
Maria Edel Power MBBChBAO Hons Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 3rd prize NUIG
Karine Forde Medical Microbiology, Scholarship NUIG
Laura Brown Medical Microbiology, 2nd prize UCD
Clare-Anne McKeon BA Hons Medical Microbiology, 3rd prize NUIG
Rebecca Somerville MBBChBAO Hons BMedSc Hons Medicine, Scholarship UCD
Myles Mfon Michael Monaghan MBBChBAO Hons Medicine, 2nd prize NUIG
Jane Denise Cunningham MBBChBAO Hons BMedSc Hons Medicine, 3rd prize UCC
Leanna O’Flynn BNSc Hons Nursing, Scholarship NUIG
Heather Joyce Beamish BSc Hons Nursing, 2nd prize UCC
Lynda Bernadette Hannon BNSc Hons Nursing, 3rd prize St. Angela’s College
Tomás Griffin Paediatrics, Scholarship NUIG
William Owen Healy MBBChBAO Hons & BMedSc Hons Paediatrics, 2nd prize UCC
Ciara Ann McCarthy MBBChBAO Hons & BMedSc Hons Paediatrics, 3rd prize UCC
Rebecca Heather Somerville MBBChBAO Hons BMedSc Hons Paediatrics, Commendation UCD
James Murphy Pathology, Scholarship UCC
Winnie Teo Pathology, 2nd prize NUIG
Rachel Brodie BSc Hons Pathology, 3rd prize NUIG
Ciara Boomsma Pharmacology, Scholarship UCC
Katie Walsh Pharmacology, 2nd prize UCC
Jan Griffin Pharmacology, 3rd prize RCSI
Larissa Higgins Pharmacology, Commendation NUIG
Dearbhla Kelly Physiology, Scholarship UCC
Catherine Rowan Physiology, 2nd prize UCD
Caitriona Fahy Physiology, 3rd prize NUIG
Emma Daly Physiotherapy, Scholarship RCSI
Megan Humphries Physiotherapy, 2nd prize UCD
Peig Costello Psychiatry, Scholarship NUIG
David John Murphy MBBChBAO Hons Psychiatry, 2nd prize UCD
Rory Laurence O’Donohoe BSc Hons Psychiatry, 3rd prize RCSI
Marie Boyle Public Health, Scholarship NUIG
Mei Ling Tan Public Health, 2nd prize UCD
Emily  Hughes Public Health, 3rd prize NUIG
Lisa Ann Owens MBBChBAO Hons Surgery, Scholarship NUIG
Benjamin Dunne MBBChBAO Hons Surgery, 2nd prize RCSI
Siobhan Bernadette O’Neill MBBChBAO Hons Surgery, 3rd prize UCC

The NUI Club London Scholarship

Daniel Michael O’Brien BA Hons BAgrSc Hons Agriculture UCD