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29 May 2024  

Chancellor welcomes research funding for NUI institutions



The NUI Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning welcomed the Taoiseach’s announcement of a €359m investment by the State in research under the fifth phase of the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI). The Chancellor said that he was particularly pleased at the successes of the NUI constituent universities in securing funding under the programme. A total of €140.799m has been allocated to specific projects where one of the constituent universities is the lead institution and most of the other research projects approved for funding involve one or more of the NUI universities and also RCSI.

Emphasising that this very welcome government funding for research must be regarded as a long-term investment rather than as a quick fix for current problems in the economy, Dr Manning said ‘This national investment in research will bear fruit in time. However it is important to realise that the return on this investment may not become apparent for several years.’

Endorsing the recent comments made in Ireland by the President of Harvard Professor Drew Gilpin Faust concerning the specific importance and value of research in the humanities, Dr Manning welcomed the inclusion of appoximately €32 million for capacity development in the arts, humanities and social sciences.