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23 July 2024  

Chancellor Celebrates Academic Achievement of NUI Students and Graduates


Today at a ceremony in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, the Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, Dr Maurice Manning presented over one hundred awards and scholarships to students and graduates of the university.
Mentioning that the total value of NUI Awards in 2011 is almost €700,000, the Chancellor emphasised the importance of academic achievement in every discipline within the university. ‘Academic excellence is what we stand for and value most highly. In doing so, we treat all branches of knowledge equally. Our awards today span the range of disciplines included in the university.  Universities today are under growing pressure to respond to economic imperatives and to produce graduates who will meet the expectations of employers and have the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in a technological age. They do this very successfully. However they also fulfil other broader purposes, which are just as important to our society. To serve the ‘knowledge society’ a university worth the name values knowledge in all its forms, not just new knowledge. There are important balances to be struck in the university today between the promotion of research at the most advanced levels of Annual Awards Ceremonyscience and technology and the transmission of culture and the preservation of rare knowledge. In the range of awards being presented today we hope to strike the correct balance’.
In 2011, over one hundred students and graduates from the constituent universities and recognised colleges of the federal university received awards. UCD, UCC, NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, RCSI and NCAD were represented among the award winners. The value of the NUI Awards in 2011 is of the order of €700,000.

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