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19 May 2024  

NUI Awards 2011 Competition Results


Listed below are details of NI Awards 2011 Competion winnners.

Irish Historical Research PrizeNUI Awards Winners 2011 Group Photo

Bernadette Cunningham BA, PhD UCD

NUI Publication Prize in Irish History

Caitriona Foley BA (Dub), PhD UCD

Dr Mary L. Thornton NUI Scholarship in Education
Six candidates will be interviewed on Monday 4 July 2011.

The members of the Selection Panel were:
Dr Paddy Walsh, Institute of Education, University of London (Chair), Professor Denis O’Sullivan, School of Education UCC, Dr Mary Fleming, School of Education, NUI, Galway, Dr Aidan Mulkeen, Education Department, NUI, Maynooth.

The Scholarship was awarded to:

Hannagh McGinley NUI, Galway


NUI Travelling Studentships in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
Forty-three entries were received. Fifteen applicants were shortlisted for interview. The interviews took place in NUI on 7 and 8 July 2011.

The members of the Selection Panel were:
Dr Mary Shine Thompson, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (Chair); Dr Kevin Costello, School of Law, UCD, Dr Maeve Conrick Dean of Arts, University College Cork Professor Marian Lyons, Department of History, NUI, Maynooth; Dr Edward Herring, Dean of Arts, NUI, Galway.

Travelling Studentships were awarded to the following:

Emma Edwards BA History NUI,Maynooth
Gemma Carroll BA, MA
Art History
Bríd Ní Ghráinne BCL, LLM (Leiden)
NUI, Galway
Leesa Wheatley BA
NUI, Maynooth
Ciarán McDonnell BA, MA
NUI, Maynooth and UCD
Eoghan Ahern BA, MA
Conor O’Brien BA, MSt (Oxford)
Fiona Morrissey BA, LLB, LLM
NUI, Galway


NUI Travelling Studentships in the Sciences
Nineteen applications were received. Eight candidates were shortlisted for interview. The interviews took place in NUI on 23 August 2011.

The members of the Selection Panel were: 
Professor Patrick Cunningham, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government (Chair),
Professor Maurice Boland, College Principal, College of Life Sciences, UCD, Professor John Gamble, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC, Dr Pat Morgan, Dean of Graduate Studies, NUI, Galway, Dr Bernard Mahon, Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, NUI, Maynooth.

Travelling Studentships were awarded to the following.

Ciara Kyne Chemistry NUI,Galway
Eimear Dolan BE Hons           
NUI, Galway
Kevin Farrell BSc Hons
Niamh Fahy BSc Hons, MSc Orthobiology/Regenerative Medicine NUI, Galway
Michelle Harris BSc Hons Chemistry UCD


The NUI Denis Phelan Scholarship in Humanities and Social Sciences

Anne Rosenbusch BA Hons PCertTLHEd NUI, Maynooth


Scoláireacht agus Duais Chiste Theach an Ardmhéara / Mansion House Fund Scholarship and Prizes

Simon Egan Irish History, Scholarship UCC
Dara Folan
Scoláireacht, Gaeilge
NUI, Galway
Dara Folan Irish History Prize NUI, Galway
Colm Ó Cuaig
Duais, Gaeilge
NUI, Galway


NUI Art and Design Prize

Sarah Mooney-Wiegersma Ceramics NCAD

Pierce Malone Scholarship in Philosophy

Kate Smith BA Hons UCD

The French Government Medal and NUI Prize for Proficiency in French

Katherine Sherlock BComm Hons UCD
Kate Smith BA Hons UCD
Amy Coleman BCL Hons UCC
Philip Morrow NUI, Galway
Eloise McNeely BA Hons NUIM


The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Literary Scholarships and Prizes

Derek Egan English, Scholarship NUI, Maynooth
Niall Culligan English, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Brian Nolan English, 3rd prize UCC
Alacoque Doyle French, Scholarship UCD
Ellen Howley French, 2nd prize UCD
Siobhan Rafferty French, 3rd prize UCC
James Moss French, Commendation UCC
Micheál Ó Súilleabháin Gaeilge, Scoláireacht NUI, Maynooth
Síofra Cronin Gaeilge, 2ú duais UCD
Síle Dolan Gaeilge, 3ú duais NUI, Galway
Kristina Soden German, Scholarship UCD
John Mooney German, 2nd NUI, Galway
Sarah Ryan German, 3rd prize NUIM
James Moss Italian, Scholarship UCC
Niall Bart O’Beirne Italian, 2nd prize UCC
Martina Viscardi Italian, 3rd prize UCC
Denis Canty Latin, Scholarship UCC
Eoin Dornan Latin, 2nd prize UCD
Shaun Murphy Latin, 3rd prize NUI, Galway
Christin Hollweck Spanish, Scholarship UCC
Rebecca Mann Spanish, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Niall Crowley Spanish, 3rd prize UCD

The Dr Henry Hutchinson Stewart Medical Scholarships and Prizes

James Lord BSc (Pharm) Hons Anatomy, Scholarship RCSI
Margaret Gleeson Anatomy, 2nd Prize UCC
Niamh Walsh Anatomy, 3rd Prize UCD
Dearbhla Doherty Biochemistry, Scholarship UCD
Cillian McNamara Biochemistry, 2nd Prize NUI, Galway
Karen McNamara Biochemistry, 3rd Prize NUI, Galway
Joey Donovan Dentistry, Scholarship UCC
Elise K. Doyle Dentistry, 2nd Prize UCC
Patrick Carolan Diagnostic Imaging, Scholarship UCD
Niall Burke Diagnostic Imaging, 2nd Prize UCD
Danielle Anstett General Practice, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Evelyn Murphy MB BCh BAO H ons General Practice, 2nd prize UCC
Julianne O’Shea General Practice, 3rd prize NUI, Galway
Larissa Higgins Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Teresa O’Dowd Gynaecology & Obstetrics, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Syarifah S. Ibrahim MB BCh BAO Hons Gynaecology & Obstetrics, 3rd prize UCC
Siobhan Neville MB BCh BAO Hons Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Commendation UCD
Karen McCarthy Medical Microbiology, Scholarship UCC
Helen O’Brien Medical Microbiology, 2nd prize UCC
Cliona Small Medical Microbiology, 3rd prize NUI, Galway
Alan Carew Medicine, Scholarship RCSI
Shane Parfrey MB BCh BAO Hons Medicine, 2nd prize UCC
Roisin O’Connor MB BCh BAO Hons Medicine, 3rd prize UCD
Aideen Kelly Midwifery, Scholarship UCC
Siobhan Eccles Midwifery, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Jennifer Candy Midwifery, 3rd prize UCD
Ester Afolalu BNSc Hons Nursing, Scholarship 2010 NUI, Galway
Maria Jarosinski BSc Hons Nursing, 2nd prize 2010 UCD
Elizabeth Weathers BSc Hons Nursing, 3rd prize 2010 UCC
Laura M Coyne Nursing, Scholarship 2011 NUI, Galway
Barry J. Ryan Nursing, 2nd prize 2011 UCC
Adele O’Mahony Nursing, 3rd prize 2011 UCC
Orla Ní Ghriofa Occupational Therapy, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Mairead Crowley Occupational Therapy, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Louise Hickey MB BCh BAO Hons Paediatrics, Scholarship UCD
Grace Neville MB BCh BAO Hons Paediatrics, 2nd prize UCC
Una Clancy MB BCh BAO Hons Paediatrics, 3rd prize UCC
Larissa Higgins Paediatrics, Commendation NUI, Galway
Siobhan Neville MB BCh BAO Hons Paediatrics, Commendation UCD
Robert Grant Pathology, Scholarship RCSI
Miroslawa Gorecka Pathology, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Stephanie Mancini Pathology, 3rd prize RCSI
Yasir Loai Pharmacology, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Maeve McCarthy Pharmacology, 2nd prize RCSI
Gerard Lambe Pharmacology, 3rd prize UCD
Matthew Smyth Physiology, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Eoin Young Physiology, 2nd prize UCD
Murray Connolly Physiology, 3rd prize UCC
Emily Ratzlaff Physiotherapy, Scholarship RCSI
Unoda Oarata Chepete Physiotherapy, 2nd prize UCD
Siobhan Neville MB BCh BAO Hons Psychiatry, Scholarship UCD
Jessica Barnes MB BCh BAO Hons Psychiatry, 2nd prize UCD
Paul Kinsella Psychiatry, 3rd prize RCSI
Thomas Moore Public Health, Scholarship UCC
Catherine Rowan MB BCh BAO Hons Public Health, 2nd prize UCD
Elaine Fallon Public Health, 3rd prize NUI, Galway
Laura Tobin Speech and Language Therapy, Scholarship NUI, Galway
Michelle Foley BSc Hons Speech and Language Therapy, 2nd prize UCC
Sean Reynolds MB BCh BAO Hons Surgery, Scholarship UCC
Gerard Healy MB BCh BAO Hons Surgery, 2nd prize NUI, Galway
Anna McDonough MB BCh BAO Hons Surgery, 3rd prize UCD

The NUI Club London Scholarship

Terence Parkes Information and Library Studies UCD



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