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22 June 2024  

National University of Ireland's millionth graduate


RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences conferring to
contain NUI’s millionth graduate

113 years after its first major conferring of degrees, the National University of Ireland is to bestow its millionth degree to one graduate of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences conferring in the Convention Centre Dublin this morning.

While the first degrees from NUI were awarded in May 1910, the first major conferring took place on 29 October 1910 in Earlsfort Terrace. 149 students graduated at the ceremony, having completed their studies at the constituent and recognised colleges of the university. Among the 1910 graduates were Thomas McDonagh, who graduated with a BA in Modern Literature, and Éamon (then known as Edward) de Valera, BA, who qualified for a Diploma in Teaching.

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, founded in 1784, became a recognised college of NUI in 1977 and had its first NUI conferring ceremony on 9 June 1978. Since then, NUI has awarded 32,195 qualifications at RCSI conferrings. Today, NUI celebrates the academic achievements of over 700 nurses and midwives, as well as the achievements of the million graduates in the NUI federation who precede them.

“Today is a momentous day for the National University of Ireland.
Our millionth graduate signifies the long-standing impact and presence of the NUI.
It is a community with a vibrant national and global footprint. These million graduates exemplify
the reach and impact the young nation of Ireland has achieved. NUI and its members since
our foundation have had a commitment to excellence, academic achievement and
enhancing the cultural and social fabric of Ireland.”

Dr Maurice Manning
NUI Chancellor

“This milestone reflects not only the individual successes of each graduate but
NUI's collective commitment to education through their mission to enhance and enrich Irish
universities in their teaching, research, development and public standing.

  The education of the nursing profession has undergone a revolution in recent decades and
today's nurses are educated to the highest standard, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels,
and thereafter through a personal commitment to lifelong learning. It is fitting that this milestone is
acknowledged today at this ceremony as we celebrate the academic achievements of more than
700 nurses and midwives, who will continue to have a profound impact on their patients and on society.”

Professor Cathal Kelly
Vice-Chancellor, RCSI




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