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28 May 2024  

Seanad Éireann Register 2011


In accordance with the provisions of the Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act 1937, as amended, the Seanad Éireann Register is revised annually

The 2011 Seanad Éireann Electoral Register contains the names of 98,149 graduates and may be purchased at a cost of €148 in either electronic or hard copy.

The revised Register reflects all amendments received since the previous revision, and includes the names of graduates who have claimed to be registered in that period and who are otherwise eligible.

Every person who is a citizen of Ireland and has received a degree (other than an honorary degree) in the National University of Ireland is entitled to be registered as an elector in the NUI Seanad Éireann elections. Any eligible graduate who is not already registered, may claim to be listed in the 2012 register - forms are available from NUI or may be downloaded and should be completed and returned to NUI on or before 26th February 2012.