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23 July 2024  

Convocation Elections

There are two Convocation Elections - the election of Chancellor of the National University of Ireland and the election of eight members of the NUI.

Convocation consists of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Members of Senate, the Professors and Lecturers and the Graduates of the University. The relevant university statutes were revised in 1989 to the effect that any member of Convocation who wishes to vote in a Convocation election must apply for a voting paper in writing. (At the time of election, forms are made available to facilitate graduates who may wish to apply for a vote.)

Election of the NUI Chancellor

The Chancellor is the Chief Officer of the NUI. Candidates for this office must be NUI graduates and must be nominated as provided by the University Statutes. The election of a Chancellor takes place when a vacancy occurs, in the event of the resignation, retirement or death of the incumbent. In the event that there is more than one nomination, all members of Convocation are entitled to vote, but must apply in writing to NUI for their ballot at the time of election.

Election Of Eight Members Of NUI Senate

The election of eight members of the NUI Senate takes place every five years. Of these members four must be men and four must be women. In the event that the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, ballot papers are available to all members of Convocation at the time of election, but must be applied for in writing from NUI.

In accordance with the provisions of the University Statutes, the NUI is obliged to maintain a register of all graduates of the university - the Convocation Register. As all graduates are automatically registered, there is no special registration procedure.

Convocation Election 2024

Notice of Election Meeting to Elect Chancellor

The election of the Chancellor of the National University of Ireland, to succeed Dr Maurice Manning in 2024, will take place at a meeting of Convocation to be held in the National University of Ireland, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, on 17th October 2024 at 10th a.m. The poll will remain open for one hour.

The election and all related procedures are carried out in accordance with Statute LXXXVI, Chapter Vl, Statute CII, Chapter l and Statute CCXXVlll, Chapter ll of the University Statutes.

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